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Photos from Yellowstone National Park, May 20, 2012 including a cinnamon colored black bear, dancing grebes, American coots, ruddy duck, long leaf phlox, the north end of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Also, a photo of the partial annular eclipse of May 20, 2012, as viewed from Anaconda, MT, and a photo of the Anaconda A Hill, with the A freshly whitewashed and whitewashed tires forming a '12' by the AHS class of 2012

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Keywords:American coots, bear, black, black-necked grebe, cinnamon, colored, dancing, eared grebes, grebe, grebes, long leaf phlox, north end of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, ruddy duck

Big Red's Successor 1Big Red's Successor 2Big Red's Successor 3Big Red's Successor 4Big Red's Successor 5Dance of the Grebes 1Dance of the Grebes 2Dance of the Grebes 3Ruddy Duck 1Ruddy Duck 2Ruddy Duck 3Ruddy Duck 4Ruddy Duck 5Ruddy Duck 6Ruddy Duck 7Long Leaf PhloxOver the CanyonPhantom MoonClass of 2012