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Photos from Yellowstone National Park, May 19, 2012 including: Williamson's sapsucker excavating a nest cavity, mountain bluebird depositing nesting material in nest cavity, playful black bears (one black in color, the other cinnamon), violet-green swallow, brown-headed cowbirds on the back of a bison, a badger, a mother black bear with two new cubs - one black in color, one cinnamon in color -- who played, wrestled, threw each other out of trees, eared grebes, a sleeping cinnamon colored black bear, and a landscape of Pelican Creek and Yellowstone Lake.

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Keywords:2012, May, National Park, Pelican Creek, Williamson's sapsucker, Yellowstone, Yellowstone Lake, badger, bear, bear, bears, black, black, black, brown-headed cowbirds, cavity, cavity, cinnamon, colored, depositing, eared grebes, excavating, landscape, material, mother, mountain bluebird, nest, nest, nesting, new cubs, of, playful, playful, playing, sleeping, spring, violet-green swallow, wrestling

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