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Photos and videos of black bears, (inclucing mother and cubs), grizzly bears, sandhill cranes, harlequin ducks, mountain chickadee excavating a nest cavity, yellow-headed blackbird, wild flowers, mountain bluebird, cliff swallow nest colony on Soda Butte Geyser cone, coyote, bison (including mother and baby buffalo) and Uinta ground squirrel - Yellowstone National Park May 17, 2012.

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Keywords:2012, May, National Park, Soda Butte, Uinta ground squirrel, Ursus americanus, Yellowstone, baby, bear, bison, black bear, black bear cubs, black bears, buffalo, cavity, cliff swallow nest colony, coyote, excavating, flowers, grizzly, grizzly bear, mama, mother, mountain chickadee, nest, nest colony, sow, spring, twin cubs, wild, wildflowers, yellow-headed blackbird