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St. Ignatius Catholic Church Interior Landscape (2)

Interior of the St. Ignatius Catholic Mission Church

The fabulous murals in this church were painted by Brother Joseph Carigano, an Italian Jesuit who was the Mission cook for many years. Brother Carigano had no formal training in art.

At the behest of Salish American Indians, Father DeSmet, a Catholic Missionary, established the St. Ignatius Mission in 1854.

The construction of the current building was started in 1891.

If you center yourself in the aisle at the St. Ignatius Catholic Church, you are perfectly positioned to appreciate the precise symmestry of the architecture and of the murals. The muralist, Brother Carignano, was untrained but clearly, nonetheless, was well endowed with talent and expertise (and some geometry skills) to achieve such masterful murals so precisely positioned in perfect symmetry.

From this position, one is also well positioned for views of the grain of the wood in the pews, the reflection of the stained-glass windows reflected off the pews, the statuettes, the Stations of the Cross, the Baptismal Font, the podium, the altar, and the teepee for Baby Jesus in this Reservation Mission Church.

The St. Ignatius Church is in need of repairs and constant maintenance. To help preserve and maintain this beautiful, historic and much beloved church, the proceeds of all print sales of the St. Ignatius Catholic Church will be donated to the repair & maintenance fund.

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St. Ignatius Catholic Church Interior Landscape (2)