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8 black-necked stilts arrive to join several others of their species as well as a couple American avocetsMale Black-necked Stilt In Profilea black-necked stilt bits the tail feathers of another - both in flightBlack-necked stilts, pink legs akimbo, in some aerial anticsA black-necked stilt in a diving stiltsA black-necked stilt defends his catch (a small minnow) from three would-be thievesDinner for OneFour black-necked stilts parading four different flight posturesA Forster's tern in flightWilletWillet 2Willet 3Willet 4Lovely Lady Avocetthree black-necked stilts coming in for a landingthree black-necked stilts coming in for a landingCopulating Black-necked stiltsCopulating Black-necked stilts 2Tandem Black-necked Stilts