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All photos in this gallery depict wild & free marmots.

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Flying MarmotSunning Marmotmarmot looking to the leftmarmot looking to the rightStanding Marmot 1Standing Marmot 2Standing Marmot 3A marmot blends in with his rocky perchHoary Marmot in Lewis's MonkeyflowerHoary Marmot Among Paintbush FlowersHoary Marmot on the MoveHoary Marmot in Lewis's Monkeyflower 2Sheepeater Cliff Marmot 1Sheepeater Cliff Marmot 2Sheepeater Cliff Marmot 3Kiddo KurrierKiddo Kurrier 2Kiddo Kurrier 3Kiddo Kurrier 4Kiddo Kurrier 5