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Taken 25-May-12
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Illegal and Unethical

An illegally, unethically and inconsiderately placed camera - right on the mound of a badger den. The photographers who did this were Stan Tekiela and Nathan Lovas. Mr. Lovas was holding the remote control on the camera with a wide-angle lens, while Mr. Tekiela sat behind a camera with a telephoto lens.

Mr. Tekiela urged me to stand to his right to wait for the badger to emerge. I went to stand where “instructed,” but did not set up my tripod, stated that I was disappointed and disgusted with the placement of the camera on the den,and told him that I didn’t think the badger would emerge, having been thus disturbed, and if it did, I didn’t want photos of a badger with someone else’s camera. Mr. Lovas shook his head and scowled as I was speaking, as though I was out of line.

Mr. Tekiela tried to explain to me what they did, how they did it, etc. to justify their actions and appease the angry by-stander (me). Mr. Tekiela said that the remote-controlled camera was placed after the badger had entered the den — as though that make it okay. It did NOT make it okay in my book.

This was the first, and I truly hope, the last time I have run into these guys, but I have heard from several people, some via comments here and on a Yellowstone forum on which I posted a link to this blog post, and some via email. The comments I’ve received have a common thread — all relate negative encounters. I saw them several times today, in passing, and cringed every time.

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Illegal and Unethical