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Taken 23-Jan-12
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How 'bout that (2)

I spent the night under the stars hoping the CME would arrive early Tuesday morning. Around 4-5:00am I say some very, very faint flashes of the Lights, too faint and fast to capture. By the time I hit the shutter they were gone. I continued to wait. I got bored... To kill some time, I played with longer exposures and the flashlight. This was a 65s exposure with the flashlight waved on the foreground for about 15s. When I looked at it, I saw that the sensor, in that 65s that I wasn't actively looking at the sky, picked up a bit, prompting me to say "How 'bout that?!"

Not much to show for 5 hours, in the wee hours of the morning (2:30 until 7:30), in single digits and (for Montana) high humidity and then going to work after having been up and out in that all night. My fingers hate me for using them on the heavily frosted camera and remote shutter release. Oh well... I'll definitely try again when we have a favorable aurora forecast and clear skies.

In this version I've cropped the light-painted foreground out.

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How 'bout that (2)