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Taken 5-Jun-12
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Meadow Death Camas

You know a flower must be pretty toxic when the word "death" is part of its common name.

"All parts of this plant contain the poisonous alkaloid zygadenine, which come claim to be more potent than strychnine. One bulb, raw or cooked, can be fatal. Poisonings result from confusing those bulbs with those of edible species"

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One type of bulb for which the bulbs of camas have been mistaken is the bulb of edible onion. If you are in a field with mixed flowers of death camas and wild onion, don't take the chance, Mr. Gossack, my Advanced Biology teacher, cautioned. He pointed out that identifying onion by smell when you are surrounded by them doesn't work so well.

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Meadow Death Camas